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Maine Footy's Kit sponsor:



As Founding Donors, we are bringing on 20 families & foundations who will be recognized along with our 10 Corporate Sponsors for their generosity in funding the soccer operations of the Maine Footy team.  


Jeff & Lynn Harder, Falmouth 

Brian & Alyssa Rayback, Cape Elizabeth

Denise & Scott Karkos, Cumberland Foreside

Van Til family, Falmouth

Tate Ficker Allstate, Falmouth

Sean Mewshaw & Desi Van Til, Portland

Sarah & Matt Grinder, Portland

Hagstrom family, Yarmouth

EJ and Karen Foley, Scarborough

Jerry & Kim Brown, South Portland

Jabar LaLiberty, LLC, Portland

Richard & Nicole Leighton

Jim & Amanda Vigue, Cumberland

Maine Footy is part of FEAT Network

FEAT Network is  a Maine-based 501(c)(3) non profit.

The mission of FEAT Network is to facilitate initiatives where communities can come together for a common purpose to not only excel in competition but also to care as much about winning on the fields as leading, mentoring, donating time/money and giving-back.  Our business model is very simple in that 100% of the net proceeds from our game-day and season ticket tee sales are allocated directly into causes that benefit youth development; ranging from leadership programs to mentorships to charitable donations.

The Maine Footy team as part of United Women's Soccer has been incubated as the first successful endeavor of FEAT Network.  FEAT Network has built the framework and provides the resources with a common goal of contributing to the Maine community; striving to use this pro-am women’s soccer team as a force for societal good.